Opening new Casa del Habano

Habanos S.A., as a Franchisor, has developed its own business concept, consisting of a specific, substantial know-how and a business management system for the marketing of its products in La Casa del Habano™.

La Casa del Habano™; Habanos S.A.  Franchise Division,  is dedicated to the negotiation and opening of new franchises throughout the world, and advises and supervises the management of the chain. Its mission is the control and expansion of the franchise, offering an excellent service to the consumer, through specialized advice at the moment of selecting the product to buy, as well as other services at the point of sale.

Applicants or Franchisees formalize their commercial relationship for the establishment of the business directly with Habanos S.A. through a contract, and also receive supervision, advice and specialized training for the management and sales personnel of the franchise.

The System Operating Manuals (SOM) include the Operations and Services Manual, the Product Manual and the Visual Identity and Corporate Image Manual, which contain a set of rules and practices that constitute the guide for the proper opening and operation of the business.

Joining the La Casa del Habano™ franchise network means being part of an international network of prestigious shops specializing exclusively in Habanos, where all the brands of Habanos available on the market, smoking accessories and other products related to the art of smoking are sold, all produced under license from Habanos, S.A. The franchise also has a worldwide communication and promotion system, from which new franchisees will benefit. It also has point-of-sale materials with the institutional image of La Casa del Habano™.

Franchisees must provide a wide range of services in La Casa del Habano™ that differentiate them from the rest of the retailers in the market, which is why they must have (in those countries where the legislation allows it) a Walk in Humidor, Locker Area, Tasting Room, etc.

La Casa del Habano™ is located in luxury hotels, high quality shopping malls, shops located in business districts, duty free areas in airports, private clubs, etc. The shop space should not be less than 60 m2.

The right to use the trademarks, procedural and operational rules and other elements owned by the Franchisor, which refer to the La Casa del Habano™ system, may only be used by the Franchisee for the development of the activity within the exclusive geographical area determined between both parties for the operation of the business premises.

Habanos S.A. shall make its best efforts to supply its network of Exclusive Distributors, according to the characteristics of the specific market in which the Franchisee operates, also seeking to identify and negotiate with the most suitable suppliers for the supply of complementary products and accessories for sale in La Casa del Habano™ stores, in accordance with the legislation of the country.

The Exclusive Distributor of the territory where La Casa del Habano™ is located will receive the first option for the purchase of new products from the Habanos S.A. portfolio, and of products produced exclusively for sale in La Casa del Habano™.

The franchisee will have to pay a franchise entrance fee and an annual royalty, as well as receive advice on the business and how to operate the franchise at any time required.