You will be able to find select special productions of Habanos. Its specialty is due to the fact that these products are not part of the traditional violario within each brand and are exclusively marketed in the franchise.

This type of product, present in different brands, is identified with a double ring, one of the brand to which the Habano corresponds and a second that gives the level of exclusivity of the product:

Exclusive only for La Casa del Habano, identified only with the LCDH logo on the ring.

Exclusive for La Casa del Habano and Habanos Specialist identified with both logos on the ring.

It must be specified that in franchises, special productions for LCDH can be considered under two concepts: LCDH Exclusive Standard Products (permanently included in the brand portfolio) and Global Specialties, exclusive products for LCDH in special humidors produced in limited a quantity.

Habanos SA annually launches new products to the market under these two concepts, guaranteeing franchises a renewed and exclusive air in the markets.


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