Habanero: An Original LCDH in Lisboa, Portugal

December 21, 2010

Since February 2009, a different space of great elegance, named Habanero, located in Lisbon, Portugal, in the southern area of ​​Parque de Nations, together with the Navy.

Its exclusive products, including selected cigars, are true gems, which in the Portuguese capital can only be found at the Habanero.

The partnership with “La Casa del Habano” certifies the Habanero as a reference specialized establishment for having all the conditions for the sale of cigars – including personalized attention, guidance, and professionalism at the highest level.

The result of a project founded in December 2006, matured over a long period, this store’s specialty is Habanos, of which a diversified and complete vitolario is available. In addition to the reference brands, it also includes Limited Editions and Specialties, rigorously stored in a large Walk in Humidor with steamless humidification technology.

This Casa del Habano has individual Lockers for private use, where customers who seek optimal storage conditions for their precious Habanos can store them with absolute confidence. At the same time, it sells, among others, magnificent Limited Edition Humidors that you will only find at La Casa del Habano.

Although it is focused on cigars, the Habanero also presents an extensive selection of pipes and accessories for smokers, designed for demanding customers. And it complements the pleasures of smoking a Habano with a truly special reserve of spirits: Habana Club rum, Cognac Cohiba, and spirits of private and limited production.

The House of Habano Lisbon

Open from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., only closed on Sundays and holidays.

Address: Rua Nova dos Mercadores, Lot-3.06.01.E. Lisbon.
Telephone: 218 941 191
Email: habanero@netcabo.pt
Contact: Mr. Luis Ramalho
Website: www.habanero.pt