Habano present Special Production Cohiba Selección Reserva

17 de January de 2003

Habanos S.A. introduces the new special production Cohiba Selección Reserva.

This humidified box contains a selection of 30 cigars:

6 Coronas especiales
4 Espléndidos
6 Robustos
8 Pirámides
6 Medias Coronas
“Cohiba Selección Reserva” has been elaborated with tobacco coming from the best vegas of San Luis and San Juan y Martínez, in the Vuelta Abajo producing region. The tobacco filler leaves have been aged for over 3 years time before rolling the cigars.
This specially aged tobacco liberates even more progressively the unique Cohiba’s flavour and aroma.

This production incorporates the Reserva band, accompanying the main Cohiba band, which in this occasion incorporates the name of the brand in golden letters. All of it so as to brighten the presentation of the Selección Reserva.

It’s also the first time that the Media Corona Vitola is produced in the Cohiba brand, and it will only be available in this special production.

Due to the exclusivity of this Cohiba Selección Reserva, which contains the Habanos’ most outstanding brand, and also because of the meticulous selection of the best Cuban tobacco leaves from Vuelta Abajo finest vegas, specially aged for this occasion, Cohiba Selección Reserva is bound to be a noteworthy event in the world of cigars.

This humidified box will be available exclusively in “La Casa del Habano” international network in next weeks.

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