International Celebration Book Day at LCDH Alemania-Berlín-Osthafen

April 24, 2022

Great literature and the cuban puro – a perfect combination. Cigars have been rolled in the galeras of Havana while listening to a reader since 1865. He also reads from works of world literature, so that some brands and cigar names in their history can be traced back to this national tradition of Cuba.

On World Book Day, April 23rd, Casa del Habano Berlin joined William Shakespeare and the Romeo y Julieta brand in a global event honoring cuban readers. Events were held in Casas all over the world on this day. In our LCDH at Berlin’s Osthafen, our cigar friend, actor and professional voice actor, Rainer Gerlach, read from Shakespeare’s works, while enjoying the Romeo y Julieta cigar